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Ulysses Cylinders (exhibition)

Dale Chihuly & Seaver Leslie
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Dale Chihuly’s vibrant coloured glass installations and opulent Chandeliers hang in many of the world’s most prestigious museums and public spaces including the Victoria and Albert museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Louvre in Paris and the Corning Museum of Glass New York. A world premier of ‘Ulysses Cylinders’ inspired by James Joyce’s Ulysses, opened in Dublin Castle on June 19th.

This collaborative exhibition combines the alchemic artistry of Dale Chihuly with painter Seaver Leslie’s pen and ink drawings to create a unique collection of golden glass Cylinders. Chihuly’s and Leslie's love of Ireland and Irish literature inspired an earlier series Irish Cylinders over forty years ago. The series was completed in anticipation of a lecture tour in England and Ireland focusing on the artwork’s literary connections. As fate would have it, a devastating auto accident in England a few weeks later prevented the artists from reaching Ireland and left Chihuly blind in one eye.

-- from Dublin Castle


Dale Chihuly Irish Cylinder Blow

Ulysses Cylinders by Dale Chihuly and Seaver Leslie with Flora C Mace and Joey Kirkpatrick