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Two Gallants (film)

Carl Finnegan and Darren McGrath
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Filmed in Dublin, Two Gallants is a modern adaptation of the short story by the same name from the Dubliners collection by James Joyce. The screenplay was co-written by Carl Finnegan andDarren McGrath, and takes place in post-boom modern Dublin.

The Story

Two Gallants tells the tale of Lenehan, a man down on his luck and pushed to the point where he'll do anything to get by, and his friend Corley, a shady character who'll do just about anything to fatten his own wallet. With the help of Magda, a wide eyed young woman caught up in Corley's web, they set about changing all of their lives...

The Production

Conceived against a backdrop of modern day Dublin, a place where the stresses of the recession weigh heavily and the bright glow of the Celtic Tiger era has faded to a cloudy gray, Two Gallants sets out to paint a picture of what life is like for those whose dreams the recession has pushed aside. The Joyce classic shows itself as applicable today as it was a century ago, and the production aims to bring that story to life on screen.

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