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James Joyce Online Notes (open access journal)

Harald Beck & John Simpson
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The aim of JJON is to provide a forum for the publication of documentary evidence that helps to elucidate the network of cross-reference and allusion on which Joyce’s fiction is based. 

There are several successful print journals for students of James Joyce. JJON is not in competition with these, but is intended as a steadily evolving research base. Researchers are encouraged to contribute short articles or explanatory notes which shed new or additional light on the people, places, artefacts, songs, expressions, etc. which together form the backdrop to Joyce’s world. JJON has no submission charges.

The online format gives scope for notes on subjects which would often pass under the radar of the standard journals, and gives researchers an opportunity to present their findings, to supplement them as new ones come to light, and to augment the discoveries of other researchers. The web site is intended as a flexible and responsive online collaborative venture.

Issues will be published twice a year; but new documentary data can be added to the reference section of the site at any time (subject of course to editorial review).

-- from JJON