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James Joyce Cycle (theatre)

TeNTheater Berlin
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TeNTheater Berlin brings a new interpretation of James Joyce’s life and works to the Dublin stage. Croatian director Niksa Eterovic has been working on his James Joyce Cycle since 2006. After staging four parts of the cycle in Berlin, Granada and Kathmandu, it was time to set out on its journey westward to the shores of Ireland.

Three parts of the cycle will be shown in Dublin in the Samuel Beckett Theatre and O’Reilly Theatre.

The multilingual and international cast will show glimpses of the troubled life of Joyce’s daughter Lucia, as well as Joyce’s growing blindness and frustration when writing his novelFinnegans Wake with its special language in one show at the Samuel Beckett Theatre from 6-9 February!

The premiere of the fifth part of the cycle will take place suitably at the O’Reilly Theatre in Belvedere College, Joyce’s alma mater. Ulysses or the Cyclops and his Rhinoceroses focuses on Leopold Bloom’s internal monologue and fantasies while walking through Dublin. All plays are colourful, emotional, comical, sometimes sad and full of live music. Yes, enjoyce!

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