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Gibraltar (theatre)

Patrick Fitzgerald
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It takes audacity to adapt James Joyce’s “Ulysses” for the stage. No wonder Patrick Fitzgerald’s “Gibraltar” is subtitled “An Adaptation After James Joyce’s ‘Ulysses.’ ” Any stage version can only graze the book’s infinite layers. But there are plenty of those layers here.

“Gibraltar” jettisons Stephen Dedalus, the young academic character whose story threads through the novel, to focus on the advertising salesman Leopold Bloom and his younger wife, Molly. (One early domestic scene — Bloom’s trip to the outhouse for some reading and blithe defecation — demonstrates the play’s fidelity to the book’s candor.)

The couple’s sex life has suffered since the death of an infant son years before, and Bloom hopes that by tolerating Molly’s affair with the macho hothead Blazes Boylan, he will appear more sensitive by comparison.

-- from NY Times