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Dubliners (theatre)

Michael West and Annie Ryan
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In Dubliners, James Joyce offers an astonishing and enduring portrayal of the city – a mirror in which the people of Dublin, as Joyce once wrote, could take “one good look at themselves.” Nearly a hundred years since its publication, Dublin Theatre Festival and multi-award winning company The Corn Exchange present an extraordinary opportunity to experience a collection of Joyce's stories staged on a large scale for the first time in the city of their origin. 

This adaptation by award winning team Michael West and Annie Ryan will run for seven performances only at Dublin's Gaiety Theatre. 

Directed by Irish Times award winning director Annie Ryan the company deftly captures the rich humour, the small cruelties and the celebrated epiphanies of Joyce's iconic stories in their ground-breaking transformational style. The sterling cast will include Barbara Bergin, Janice Byrne, Derbhle Crotty, Jack Hickey, Stephen Jones, Mark Lambert, Nick Lee, Mark O’Halloran, Gus McDonagh and Ruth McGill.

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