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Dubliners Bookshelf (website)

Andrew A. Kuhn
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The goal of Dubliners Bookshelf is to collect and archive books and texts relevant to the composition, interpretation, and reception history of Dubliners. A task such as this has many difficulties; consequently, the editorial team has attempted to form a scrupulous criteria for initial inclusion into the library. Rather than striving for definitiveness, they have tried to collect texts that appear explicitly in the writings of Joyce. These take two main forms: 1) Works mentioned in the text of Dubliners. For example, Little Chandler’s copy of Byron’s Hours of Idleness in “A Little Cloud” or Mr. Duffy’s volumes of Nietzsche in “A Painful Case.” 2) Collecting and displaying these works gives us a sense of Joyce’s bibliographic environment.

-- from Dubliners Bookshelf