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Digital Dubliners (e-book)

Joseph Nugent
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Open the pages on a Dubliners for the 21st century in this engaging and authoritative edition that makes James Joyce more enjoyable and accessible than ever.

Digital Dubliners offers the student and the seasoned reader a whole new multimedia experience. Discover in this guided edition the cultural and historical background of Ireland and James Joyce’s literary influence in a wonderfully interactive environment.

Crammed with three hundred-odd images, seven hundred or so notes and explanations, two dozen videos, critical essays and hyperlinks, interactive maps sourced from contemporary newspaper, sound, film and photographic archives, with essays, film, recordings, background and expert discussion…It’s a joy to study or browse at your leisure.

Conceived and produced by the students of Boston College under Professor Joseph Nugent, Digital Dubliners will open everyone’s eyes to these wonderful gems from the hand of the young James Joyce.

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